Playground Behaviour

Wednesday 22 November • 9am - 11am • Poole (TBC)

The school playground is often an underused resource in a school’s battle with challenging behaviour. This workshop looks at ways in which support staff can be proactive in the playground to tackle behaviour and the in-class benefits this can provide. The session will give staff the opportunity to develop ideas for playground activities. We will discuss how to identify inappropriate play and ways to keep the children who play these types of games occupied. We will look at the importance of staff-child rapport that can be developed during break times and how this supports teachers in their work inside the classroom. The workshop will also go through the Child Protection procedures that are in place for staff that have concerns for children arising from things they witness in the playground.


Normalising Mental Health & Improving Staff Wellbeing

Monday 4 December • 9:30am - 3:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The workshop, facilitated by the UK Wellbeing Coach Limited aims to provide Managers with a good understanding of Mental Health and how to support the wellbeing of their people.
The Normalising Mental Health Training is designed to introduce the topic of mental health, increase mental health awareness and build support in the workplace.
Participants will learn how to:
• Identify common types of Mental Health issues
• Differentiate between neurotic & psychotic mental health problems
• Identify signs and symptoms of stress in staff
• Promote positive coping strategies
• Classify relevant legislation
• Create a Culture of wellbeing in the workplace
• Establish a local support network


Deeper Questioning

Wednesday 6 December • 9am - 3:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The educational research is stark: teachers talk for 70-80% of lessons and only 5-10% of that triggers dialogue that engages the pupils. The average response time for a student answer is 1 second. This course examines the research and provides a range of practical strategies to deepen questioning and engage students in classrooms where teachers value deep and conceptual learning. It looks at how skilled questioning can enhance progress, stimulate curiosity and promote independence. It also explores the value of enquiry in teacher’s joint professional development.
Participants will learn how to:
• Reflect on the importance of effective questioning and active listening for deep learning
• Be clear on the place of different types of questions and their role based on clear teacher intentions
• Reflect on different pedagogical models for teacher-pupil and pupil-pupil interactions and how they affect the dept and quality of learning including constructivist approaches
• Be able to develop the frequency and quality of pupil questioning
• Use questioning to deepen adult learning through JPD and INSET


Emotional Literacy

Thursday 7 December • 9am - 12:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The course will look at the challenging behaviour that can present in the classroom and the strategies used to assist in the child to develop confidence and succeed at school.

Outcomes of the Course:
• To understand the role of Emotional Literacy in the classroom
• To give participants techniques to develop the Emotional Literacy of pupils


Developing an Outstanding Curriculum

Friday 8 December • 9.00 am - 4.00 pm • Best Western Chilworth Manor Hotel, Chilworth,Southampton

All schools are expected to develop their own approach to the curriculum; what is important and how it is taught and then assessed. The curriculum should be at the heart of the school, a springboard for learning, not a set of chains to hold it back. Join this team of Independent Thinking speakers who will help you challenge and improve your own curriculum


Methods to Increase the Impact of Teaching So That Children Maximise Learning and Retention

Monday 11 December • 9am - 11am • Beechwood Junior School

The workshop is designed to look at the structure and rhythm of lessons to ensure they contain strategic elements that align with brain and emotional development. This draws the listeners in at a deeper level and creates more brain connections, thus improving retention.

Participants will learn:
• The basic structure of the brain
• Where evaluation and learning takes place in the brain
• How to optimise blood flow to the learning parts of the brain and facilitate pupils to remain there for the duration of the lesson
• How to create learning impact at a deeper level
• How to conclude lessons so that pupils can maximise what they retain


Disengaged Learners

Tuesday 12 December • 9am - 12pm • Beechwood Junior School

An all too common problem in classrooms around the world, disengaged learners consume the time, effort and motivation of staff. Suitable for all TA’s as well as less experienced teachers, this workshop looks at ways to identify, challenge and motivate children that are disengaged from their learning. The session will discuss the important part support staff play in getting children wanting to learn and how they can make minor adjustments to their working practice that can have positive effects on disengaged learners.


Love Your Liver

Monday 8 January • 9am - 10am • Beechwood Junior School

The workshop, facilitated by Occupational Health Consultancy Limited, is designed for all staff interested in improving their health.
It looks at common health themes around diet and lifestyle and relates these to the importance of long term health to maintain a healthy liver.
The course explores the function of the liver and looks at the implications of poor liver health, guides the group to suggest choices that we can all make to improve our health.
The course is interactive and we use medical models and diagrams to give you a better understanding of the human body.
There is plenty of time allocated for any questions and we always ensure a range of resources are available to take away after the course for further information and guidance.


Keeping Interactions with Children Positive

Thursday 11 January • 9am - 12pm • Poole (TBC)

Springing into class with a smile on your face on a dark rainy morning after a row with your best friend is challenging for us all. Positivity is one of the keys to developing and maintaining a successful learning environment for pupils. This session will look at ways to get staff interacting positively with each other as well as with children, parents and outside agencies they may encounter. It will cover some simple strategies for developing the positivity within the classroom as well as look at dealing with bad behaviour in a positive manner. This session has proved successful with both groups of support staff as well as teaching staff.


Becoming an Inspiring Leader, Not a Manager.

Wednesday 17 January • 9am - 3:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

Motivating a team is not an easy job when you have Key Stage test results to analyse, lessons to plan, meetings to attend and the list goes on. This course gives existing and potential middle and senior leaders the space to think about their role or potential role as a leader within their team, and provides tips on how to develop teams to become leaders themselves.

By the end of the workshop delegates will:
• Understand leadership theory
• Identify the difference between leadership and management
• Reflect on their leadership style
• Create a personal development plan in order to become an inspirational leader