Introduction to HR for Line Managers

Tuesday 26 September • 9am - 12:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The course will take managers through the lifecycle of the employment relationship, from recruitment through to termination, looking at the skills the line manager needs to deal with the various staffing issues that they may face.

Participants will learn:
• An overview of the employment law they need to be aware of
• The Manager’s role in dealing with disciplinary, grievance, bullying/harassment, performance management and grievance matters
• How to handle those difficult conversations with employees


Excellence in Customer Care

Wednesday 27 September • 9am - 4pm • Beechwood Junior School

This course is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to improve their customer service skills. By the end of the session each person will have prepared a personal development action plan to take away with them.

Participants will learn through interaction discussion, case studies and role play:
• What different aspects make up excellence in customer service
• The skills of communication
• The power of behaviour
• How to use assertive communication and looking at the effects of using aggressive, passive or assertive behaviours
• Skills to help deal with difficult customers such as owning the problem, diffusing anger and turning complaints into compliments


Growth Mindset Leadership

Thursday 28 September • 9am - 4pm • Beechwood Junior School

To provide a comprehensive overview of the aims and benefits of adopting a growth mindset orientation in terms of the way a school is led and managed. It goes beyond exploring what this might look like for the pupils to challenge the mindset of leaders themselves. The behaviours and beliefs they hold about learning and performance will influence the conscious and unconscious messages they continuously transmit to all members of the school community. The course looks at systems, processes and approaches to leadership, assessment, staff learning and strategic planning that are congruent with a growth mindset and which liberate learners and leaders from the limits both they and the prevailing educational landscape may seem to place on them.


Keeping Interactions with Children Positive

Friday 29 September • 9am - 12pm • Beechwood Junior School

Springing into class with a smile on your face on a dark rainy morning after a row with your best friend is challenging for us all. Positivity is one of the keys to developing and maintaining a successful learning environment for pupils. This session will look at ways to get staff interacting positively with each other as well as with children, parents and outside agencies they may encounter. It will cover some simple strategies for developing the positivity within the classroom as well as looking at dealing with bad behaviour in a positive manner. This session has proved successful with both groups of support staff as well as teaching staff.


Anger Management

Wednesday 4 October • 9am - 4pm • Beechwood Junior School

This course will enable participants to identify the causes of anger and predict sources of conflict. They will learn how to prevent conflict arising, see how different personality types deal with anger and how anger energy can be redirected into constructive work.

Participants will learn how to:
• Understand the roots of anger
• Recognise the link between personality types and anger
• Recognise triggers and responses
• Use coping mechanisms
• Make new choices
• Develop a win-win solution to interpersonal communication
• Develop a personal action plan


Academy Finance: An Overview

Monday 9 October • 9am - 11am • Beechwood Junior School

The workshop, facilitated by the Hamwic Finance Team provides an overview of finance in the academy sector. Aimed at School Leaders and Business Managers new to the academy sector, this workshop provides an introduction to the key issues to be aware of as well as hints & tips from colleagues across the sector.

In addition, resources published through the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) will be made available.

Participants will be provided with information relating to:
• The core funding streams for academies
• Reporting requirements for academies
• A breakdown of the key areas of the Academies Financial Handbook
• Lessons learnt from across the sector
• Hints and tips from across the sector


The Classroom Team

Tuesday 10 October • 9am - 12pm • Beechwood Junior School

This workshop gives a chance for teachers and TA’s to develop their classroom dynamic in order to get the most from the skillset available to them. The workshop, which will be delivered by a teacher and a former TA, will cover classroom roles and responsibilities, communication between staff, team teaching and effective pre-teaching. We would encourage teacher and TA teams to attend this workshop together so that they can share their own good practice as well as develop their methods to get the most out of their team.


Assertive Behaviour

Wednesday 11 October • 9am - 4pm • Beechwood Junior School

This highly practical course will offer delegates support in a safe situation to discuss their particular areas of concern. We will assist them in acquiring skills that will enable them to deal with situations with the confidence that it will not damage the relationship. It will help individuals understand why they give certain responses and act the way they do and how to overcome these barriers, so positive constructive feedback can be given to build up the respect of colleagues.

Participants will:
• Learn what assertive behaviour is
• Define different behaviour patterns in oneself and others e.g. aggressive/passive
• Learn what the barriers are to acting assertively
• Understand how they may be perceived
• Be shown how to decide what you want and how to get it
• Learn how to keep control and handle conflict


Safer Recruitment

Thursday 12 October • 9am - 1pm • Beechwood Junior School

Through a mixture of tutor led delivery and delegate participation our training will equip you with the latest information on safer recruitment practices and help you gain the safeguarding skills you need to better protect pupils when recruiting.
The course is developed in line with the DfE statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:
• Explain the key features of recruitment and selection that prevent the appointment of unsuitable people
• Identify the key features of a safe school culture


Behaviour Management – TA’s

Monday 16 October • 9am - 12pm • Poole (TBC)

TA’s and other support staff play an important role in the behaviour of children in schools. This workshop explores the individual role a TA plays within the school’s behaviour policy. The session will allow TA’s the chance to reflect on their experiences and plan for ways they can play a greater part in behaviour management in school. Topics covered include: Establishing ground rules, building rapport, building confidence to deal with behaviours and developing the ability to react to what is being said rather than how it is being said.