Laughter Medicine - Discover the Laughter Within

Tuesday 15 May • 1:30pm - 4:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

Beneficial for everyone from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Boosts physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Can support people going through challenging periods in their life.
Learn how to Exercise the Laugher Muscle to:
Benefit the Immune System
Bring stress levels down
Improve circulation and oxygen flow
Strengthen resilience and morale
Increase creativity and motivation
Create feel good endorphins
Improve self-care
Deeper sense of relaxation
Inner peace


Mental Health Awareness for Managers

Tuesday 22 May • 9am - 12:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The course outlines what mental health is and how it affects people, what the main mental health issues are facing individuals in the modern world, how to spot the signs of a potential issue, how to manage mental health issues in the workplace. It will also cover dealing with substance and alcohol misuse

Participants will learn:
• What we mean by mental health
• How to spots the signs of a potential problem
• How to manage the mental health of your staff and how to deal with issues, including substance and alcohol abuse
• Places to go for help and support
• Personal strategies for dealing with stress and to encourage a positive lifestyle


Addressing Sleep Issues to Improve Health, Well-Being and Workplace Performance

Thursday 7 June • 9am - 12pm • Beechwood Junior School

The workshop, facilitated by accredited sleep counsellors, will provide you with an understanding of the importance of sleep and enable you to develop strategies to address your sleep. Researchers know that sleep deprivation can have a devastating impact on parents and children alike. People who sleep less than 6 hours a night are less productive than better sleepers (Research Institute ‘Rand Europe’). Lack of sleep can cause absences, accidents and mistakes in the workplace. 50% of adults have problems with sleep at some time in their life, so you are not alone. We can work with you to develop a sleep programme that meets your needs and gives you the good night's sleep you are craving.


Implementing Robust Financial Control

Wednesday 13 June • 9am - 11am • Beechwood Junior School

The workshop, facilitated by the Hamwic Finance Team outlines the key factors to consider when implementing financial controls.
There has been an increase in the numbers of frauds across the education sector over the past few years leading to financial and reputational loss. This workshop is designed to provide robust financial controls that minimises the risk of fraud.
This workshop will cover:
• Examples of fraud in the education sector
• The main types of financial risk
• The importance of financial controls
• The types of financial controls that can be implemented
• Independent verification of financial controls


Effective Presentation Skills

Tuesday 19 June • 9am - 12:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The course will explore effective communications techniques and provide practical tips and hints to give effective presentations

Participants will learn:
• How to “pitch” a presentation
• Tips and techniques to effectively deliver your message
• Pitfalls and mistakes presenters make
• Managing your own stress and anxiety
• What effective communication looks like


Rethinking Leadership & Management

Tuesday 26 June • 9am - 3:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The course explores the distinct nature of leadership and management and how truly understanding the unique importance and value of these two distinct processes can significantly increase a leaders’ impact. The course explores how participants currently spend their time and the relative split between leadership and management activities and how this affects their effectiveness. It explores time management strategies to balance ‘moving me forward’ and ‘keeping me afloat’ thinking to ensure leaders maximize the opportunities to be strategic and pro-active. The course asks participants to reflect on their prevailing leadership style and how they adapt it to suit the context and team or individual they are leading. It explores the importance of leaders’ values in their success and how they can increase rapport with the team they lead using co-acting styles to raise their self-awareness and to promote behavioural flexibility to get the best out of others.


The Classroom Team

Wednesday 4 July • • Poole (TBC)

This workshop gives a chance for teachers and TA’s to develop their classroom dynamic in order to get the most from the skillset available to them. The workshop, which will be delivered by a teacher and a former TA, will cover classroom roles and responsibilities, communication between staff, team teaching and effective pre-teaching. We would encourage teacher and TA teams to attend this workshop together so that they can share their own good practice as well as develop their methods to get the most out of their team.


Helping Children Manage their Emotions / Helping Children Cope with Anxiety / The Impact of Puberty on Learning

Thursday 5 July • 9am - 3pm • Beechwood Junior School

This course is broken down into 3 parts as follows:
Facilitating learning by helping children to manage their emotions
Facilitating learning by helping children manage and overcome anxiety
Facilitating learning by understanding how puberty affects the pupil – teacher relationship
Participants will learn how to:
• Recognise key emotional needs
• Meet emotional needs in age appropriate ways and re-engage children in learning
• Understand how anxiety affects the brain
• Spot the signs of anxiety in children and young people
• Provide children with some coping skills to minimise anxiety and its impact
• Understand the brain changes that take place in puberty
• Manage the challenges that come into a learning environment during puberty
• Develop positive ways of staying connected to adolescent learners


Autism – Strategies in the Classroom

Thursday 12 July • 9am - 12:30pm • Beechwood Junior School

The course will look at the challenging behaviour that can present in the classroom and the strategies used to assist in the child to develop confidence and succeed at school.

Outcomes of the Course:
• To understand why children with an ASC may present challenging behaviour.
• To develop strategies aimed at particular individuals in your classroom.